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Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Installation - Abstract

Abstract Enterprises is the #1 security camera installation company in the state of New York. Our security cameras are known for their unbeatable prices, beautiful designs, and large selection. When you want security cameras that will help you secure your business or home at an extremely affordable price, Abstract Enterprises is the security camera installation firm you can depend on.

Today's security cameras are not just for security purposes. These days security cameras double as a great marketing tool that could definitely help to increase sales.

Our security camera systems look professional and attractive enough to be displayed in any retail location even if the camera isn't turned on. If it looks good, then customers will keep coming back for more!

So how do I know which security system would best suit my needs?

Security Camera Installation Services has prepared a checklist below to make sure you get security cameras that will meet your needs.

1) Determine the filming terrain. Are you going to have a security camera for inside or outside? If you are going to have a security camera for inside, then it is recommended to place security cameras in high traffic areas such as next to cash registers and entranceways. These security cameras should also be placed near any items of value so you can keep an eye on them from afar.

If the security camera is going to be used outdoors then make sure that it can withstand heat and cold conditions. It would also help if the security camera was camouflaged with its surroundings so criminals don't see it right away.

2) Determine how long you're willing to record footage from the security camera.

There are security cameras that will continuously record footage while some security systems only start recording when a security breach occurs (such as the "motion-activated security camera"). Make sure to choose one that will best suit your purposes and keep your recordings for at least fifteen days. You may want to consider getting security cameras that have cloud storage so you can save more of these valuable security videos on an external server.

3) Determine whether or not you need security shoes. If there is the possibility of physical harm, then it is recommended to get security shoes to protect yourself from injuries while you conduct your installation job. Or else, we suggest getting someone else to do the installation instead!

If you don't feel like installing the security system yourself, then security camera installation services are also available so you can have security cameras installed promptly!

4) Determine the size of a security camera. The best way to conceal these security cameras is to paint them with colors that are similar or identical to their backgrounds. That way, criminals won't immediately spot these security cameras when they trespass on your property! you need. If you are going to use security cameras for indoor purposes only then it is recommended to purchase security cameras that are small in size. These security cameras can easily be placed anywhere but still provide a clear image of what's happening inside the building.

If there's a possibility that security breaches will occur outdoors then it would be best if your security camera was camouflaged with its surroundings. These security cameras are usually much larger so it would be best to paint them with colors that are similar or identical to their surroundings.

5) Determine security camera security features.

- Security Camera Housings: if your security camera is to be used outdoors, then you would definitely need security cameras that are waterproof or have weather-resistant housing so this security system will last for many years in the outdoors. These security cameras can also withstand extreme temperatures (-22°F all the way up to 140°F).

- Smoke Detectors/Alarms: these security cameras should also have smoke alarms or detectors installed just in case anything gets too hot. This security feature is proof that Abstract Enterprises has prepared for any outdoor security emergencies that may arise!

6) Determine whether you want wireless security cameras or wired ones. Wireless cameras mean less installation time but it is possible that signals can weaken or security footage can be blocked by walls or metal. Wired security cameras are the opposite of wireless security camera because it has an easy installation process but there is a possibility of security footage being cut by physical objects.

is the reliability of the company you choose.

2 Mega Pixel Fix 1080P HD Security Cameras Installation Cost

Security Camera Installation - Home security camera installation to monitor your home while you're away, shop security cameras if you've been a victim of shoplifting or vandalism. There are security cameras in retail establishments, airports, casinos, and other public places for security reasons. Security camera installation can be difficult because security cameras come with their own wiring and accessories. In most cases, the security cables run from one end of the building to another through walls and ceilings which can make routing hard if there is not an open path all the way through. CCTV installation grilles for security cameras are available but they can be expensive depending on where you buy them and what features they have. Most professional security system installers will use the premade security cable that is used with security cameras.



2 MP Cameras - In Stock - Abstract Enter
  • 4 Eye Ball Style Cameras 2 Mega Pixel 

  • Night Vision Up To 60 FT

  • 1080P DVR Included Built In Motion Detection