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Security  cameras in stores

Best Security Camera Installation Service in Gowanus, Brooklyn, NYC

CCTV Cameras Solutions in Gowanus | IP Camera Installation in Brooklyn


Brooklyn is an administrative district of New York City. It is a subarea of New York and is the 2nd largest borough in the land area. As a borough city, Brooklyn needs to be secure to avoid any offense activities. In this regard, security cameras are the best option to enhance security in publican secure areas. 


In the 1900s, the security of essential assets was based on a layered defense system that protected critical assets with logical and physical security layers, which was secure in that period. 


A security camera allows every activity to be measured. It also alerts about any unwanted activity occurring. Millions of people are using security cameras. Let us discuss it with some facts.


As of 2019, 'the consumer's interest in the United States on ads-on for the security of their homes is around Forty-two percent.' Around 42 percent wanted to have add-on cybersecurity of their homes, offices, and markets professionally.


The South Korean national governments have also been Installing 10 thousand (CCTV) Closed-Circuit Television Cameras in public places every year'. As of 2019, there were approx 1.15 million cameras in operation. There is an increase of 200% in comparison to 5 years. However, in the past year, the number of (CCTV) cameras installed was raised to one hundred thousand.


In this regard, we are here to serve you. We are a licensed security agency in Brooklyn, having thousands of satisfied customers with us. We also have Facebook pages that are doing great business and overgrowing.


We provide you professionally installed system as well perform routine inspection and stand with you for needed repairs. 


Our mission is to secure your business with the help of advanced technology and our professional workers. We are aware that your investments are at stake and passionate about delivering our best to you.


Professionalism, honesty, and civility are just a few values of ours. We offer 24 hours of our services for any technical support to you to keep you in a friendly climate. By resolving your issues timely, we provide efficient and independent projects with a minor interruption to you and your business. 


Installation procedure:

We are acknowledged that your time is precious, so we try to smooth our installation process as little as possible. We pay close attention to our customer's needs and resolve them professionally and efficiently with as little disruption as possible.



  • Our procedure:


We will keep ourselves in touch with you during the installation procedure and follow the design provided by you carefully. If we find an abnormality with those designs, we work with you to correct them.


Moreover, we also have many marvelous designs for you. Now, what if you are busy during the time of installation? That's completely ok. You can depend on our notification services to know who is come there and when.   


  • Qualified professions:


Our installation group is composed of professionals who try to work with minimum disturbance before and after installing the system. We need to avoid any disruption to you and your business.


As our average worker has approx 6 to 8 years of experience, your installer is qualified, knowledgeable, and ready for the job.

Where should I install a security camera?

May you are not as protected as you think if your security cameras are placed in the wrong areas. We have some tips for you about putting cameras where they will do the best work.

  • The front door.

  • The back door.

  • The first-floor windows.

These are the most suspected ways. Around eighty percent of thieves enter through the first floor. So these are some best places to put security cameras.

Type of CCTV cameras we are offering:


You just need to pick up phone and dial Phone: +1 800-486-0943  our team will be there on spot to initiate cctv installation. You can also check our previous client reviews as well here on google.