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Security  cameras in stores

Best Security Camera Installation Service in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC

Security Camera Installation by Abstract Company in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York


Coney Island is a famous part of Brooklyn, New York. Its population is recorded around 46,707 people with 20,929 male and 25,778 female residents. Coney Island is a wonderful city with a vast variety of delicious cuisines and famous clothing brands, but it is believed that this area is more prone to criminal activities.


There were 275 crime cases reported in only one out of 22 precincts of Brooklyn in 2014. Everyone wants to protect themselves and their business from potential burglary. So, the best solution to the problem can be security camera installation by an abstract company in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.

Function of security cameras

Security cameras transmit the video by a circuit that means it cannot be transmitted to any outside device. These security cameras provide immediate access to footage and make you able to watch live streams of recordings. This system also sends the footage to a digital video recorder to store it for later viewing. These cameras are made smaller and non-prominent to keep them safe. If you want to hide the cameras from anyone, you can get the smaller ones to keep in plants or vases.

Types of security cameras;

Security cameras give you an opportunity to defend yourself immediately when monitored live. You can also get the recorded footage to view it later. There is a range of security cameras according to your budget and choice.

●CCTV and IP cameras;

CCTV is an analog system that records in a specific area through DVR, while an IP camera provides clearer footage using NVR. Technicians by abstract companies will help you decide the best one according to your requirements.


Wireless outdoor cameras monitor entrances and parking lots, as well as indoor cameras will help monitor sensitive areas, prevent employee theft and help to recognize the executor if any crime is performed.


There are different kinds of cameras for houses according to the buyer's choice. Indoor and outdoor cameras are available with night vision capabilities to avoid any burglary. Hidden cameras are also available to secretly monitor housekeepers.

Choose a reliable security expert;