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Security  cameras in stores

Best Security Camera Installation Service in Ditmas, Brooklyn, NYC

Security Cameras Installation Services In Ditmas Park Brooklyn NYC


 Have you ever encountered the perks of living in a huge city?  Where it holds the charm, meanwhile it is full of concerns. A concern that your belongings are not safe, might be a misfortune of sudden security break-in in house or offices. Where such fears are alongside, the installment of CCTV's cameras is a must.


Living in Brooklyn New York, your worries about what security system enterprise is best to go with is understandable. No wandering anymore.


Abstract Security cameras enterprise

We are best known for our services in Brooklyn NY. The Abstract security system is a whole network of CCTV’s installment at your doorstep.

We had successfully forwarded our services in Brooklyn, and nearby areas of Brooklyn. Equipped with a highly professional, dedicated, skilled team, we deliver our best services in New York.

Abstract security cameras company claims that we are easy to access, easy to work with and we assure easiness of our clients throughout our installment services.


Variety of cameras we offer and their specifications


We do consider the needs and requirements of our clients. By providing the highly proficient range of cameras, we opt for your safety.

Abstract CCTV’s cameras are optimal, functional, and have a wide range of security cameras. We provide;


2 Mega Pixel Fix 1080P HD Security Cameras


This includes Eye Ball style cameras, Bullet style cameras and, Vandal Proof cameras with a

  • Night vision up to 60-90 ft.

  • Remote internet capability via PC and smartphone

  • With a wire that varies in length

  • 2 week recording times

  • Warranty of one year


4 Mega Pixel Fix 2K HD Security Cameras 


4 MP CCTV cameras consist of Bullet, Eye Ball, and, Vandal-proof style cameras with many advanced specifications better than 2MP security cameras.


  • Night vision up to 100 ft.

  • Built-in motion detection

  • The recording time of 1 month

  • Two-year warranty

  • Accessible via the internet through smartphone and PC


6 Mega Pixel Fix HD Security Cameras


With Bullet, dome, metric, and eyeball style cameras, 6 MP security cameras are of another level. Having better performance, they have further advancement in their functions.

  • 6 week recording time

  • With a 3.6 MM lens

  • Night vision up to 100 ft.

  • Built-in motion detection of 4K DVR

  • The warranty period of 3 years


8 Mega Pixel Lens Ultra HD Security Cameras


Long-range, eyeball, and vandal-proof dome style cameras are there in this category. Best in quality, higher resolution, clear bright moving picture. Specifications include are;


  • With a much higher night vision up to 120 ft.

  • An enlarged recording time of 2 months

  • Motion detection of 4K DVR, a built-in

  • 4 years warranty


Diversity of services

The abstract security system offers its services outdoor, as well as indoor. We guide our customers on what types of cameras are best according to their location. The home, residential, and commercial CCTV installation, we have well known in all categories.

  • Outdoor installation of CCTV's cameras


Outdoor includes the front side of the home, offices, parking lots, driveway, etc.  our 8 MP, 6 MP range of cameras is best for outdoor services.  A clear, bright, focused with a wide range vision and recording, our outdoor security cameras are best in all possible ways.


  • Indoor security system


Confined areas like homes and offices, shops fall into the Indoor security system category. Such areas need the utmost protection. Our 2 MP CCTV cameras are highly recommendable for indoor installment.


  • Cost-effective CCTV's installation


We do believe in a notion that is quality within the range of everyone. With a cost-effective strategy, we do assure the best service for each class. Some of our cost ranges are;

  • 2 MP cameras – 170$ - 230$

  • 4 MP cameras -  220$

  • 6 MP cameras -  270$

  • 8 MP cameras – 320$

 Keep in mind that this includes cameras plus installment services charges as a whole.


A professional, expert security cameras installation


Having a professional team, we do provide our services with a keen motive behind it. Safety above all.

The abstract security system is an expert in its field. We understand the advancement of technology that is increasing day by day. Having a critical perspective, our security camera company does consider such sensitive modification. And we continuously strive for betterment in technology and our services.

The up-gradation of the security system after the installment is also included in our services. And we gladly do offer our clients the modification in cameras.



Clients satisfaction drives our passion

Successfully, the abstract security camera enterprise has the honor to serve the clients in various areas of Brooklyn, NY. We have installed the cameras in Canarsie Brooklyn, Weeksville Brooklyn, Hicksville Nassau county NY, Hempstead Nassau County NY, Bronx NY, Cypress hill in Brooklyn and the list goes on.

The abstract security system has acknowledged itself among its clients. Customer's feedback works as a fuel for any enterprise or any organization. And luckily we are having positive feedback from our clients after each installment.

What makes us best is our dedication to work, customer dealing, and satisfaction of clients. Our company does assure you that we are best in Brooklyn for the safety of you, your beloved ones, and your precious belongings.


Your need our services

Whatever your worries are regarding security protocols, set them all aside. The Abstract Security system has CCTV cameras that are fast and sensitive enough to record minor details about anything. Round the clock monitoring of your home, shopping areas, commercial or residential area through our camera lens is a piece of cake.

Have lost anything, suspecting any particular individual, forgot where you kept an item? Don’t worry. Check the recording of cameras and find the lost item, or make your doubt clear. Monitor who is frequently appearing in your area.


When we say the abstract CCTV security company is one of the best in Brooklyn, it is not an exaggeration. Check out customer's feedback that we are proud of. Now it is your turn to rely on us.

2 Mega Pixel Fix 1080P HD Cameras Installation Cost

  •  4 Eye Ball Style Cameras 2 Mega Pixel 

  • Night Vision Up To 60FT

  • 1080P DVR Included Built In Motion Detection

  • Wire Runs Up To 100 FT Per Camera

  • Two Weeks Of Storage

  • Remote Internet Capability Via Smart Phone Or PC

  • Two year Warranty 

  • Additional; Cameras $170.00

  • Available Colors, Smoke/White

  • Monitor Included

  • Security Camera Installation Included

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Now $850.00

security Cameras mini
  • 4 Bullet Style Cameras 2 Mega Pixel 

  • Night Vision Up To 60FT

  • 1080P DVR Included Built In Motion Detection

  • Wire Runs Up To 100 FT Per Camera

  • Two Weeks Of Storage

  • Remote Internet Capability Via Smart Phone Or PC

  • Two year Warranty 

  • Additional; Cameras $170.00

  • Available Colors,White

  • Monitor Included

  • Security Camera Installation Included

  • 4 Vandal Proof Style Cameras 2 Mega Pixel 

  • Night Vision Up To 60FT

  • 1080P DVR Included Built In Motion Detection

  • Wire Runs Up To 100 FT Per Camera

  • Two Weeks Of Storage

  • Remote Internet Capability Via Smart Phone Or PC

  • Two year Warranty 

  • Additional; Cameras $170.00

  • Available Colors, White

  • Monitor Included

  • Security Camera Installation Included

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