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Security  cameras in stores

Best Security Camera Installation Service in New Lots, Brooklyn, NYC

Security camera installation services in New Lots in Brooklyn


Long gone are those days when security cameras installation was considered only for higher authorities and corporations. Now we all do know how much we are in need to have security cameras. Either it is for household purposes or the safety of a mini business. Security cameras installation is a must-have.


Why do you need Security cameras?

You are living in New Lots in Brooklyn, NY, there is no much need to elaborate on why you are in a hurry to install security camera services at your home, office, or any other site. Of course, the safety of you, your loved ones, and your home is a top-notch priority that should be entertained on a crucial basis.

Security camera installation services we offer in New Lots in Brooklyn

Being a security camera installation company, we do consider the requirements of New Lots of citizens. What kind of security is in higher demand in Brooklyn, and what type of cameras are the best fit for you. We have a wide range of highly optimized and up to dated cameras for your safety. We offer our services with a single object that is the availability of the best services at your doorstep.


Availablity of security cameras 

There is no need to get worried about burglary and theft when we are there to install safety for you. A wide variety of cameras either old-fashioned or with modernized technology features, our cameras have high resolution to give a clean and clear image. Cameras we offer are;

  • Box style cameras with different resolutions

  • Dome security cameras

  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras

  • Bullet style cameras

  • Vandal-proof style cameras

  • Eyeball cameras

  • With such a wide variety of cameras, we do assure which one is better for your location.


Specifications & features of our cameras

We are not offering the cameras that are hollow in functioning. The features our cameras hold are exactly what modern security demands. Some prominent features are listed down there for you.

  • A vast range of Mega Pixels

Security cameras are all about how capable they are to grant visible and clear pictures with the best resolutions. We have 2 MP, 4 MP, 6 MP, and 8 MP HD security cameras.

  • Day and night cameras

Day and night cameras have different specifications. Both vary in their services. We have cameras that have a dual function, day, and night mode. Built-in LED factors in such cameras work smoothly at night. No worries anymore as you are safe at night with security cameras at the stand to secure your place.

  • Thermal cameras

These cameras are best to work in extreme conditions, in rugged areas. They record heat patterns and work according to it. Best fit if you have a store that needs working at a hot temperature.

  • Hidden cameras

Higher in demand nowadays. Without knowing anyone that cameras are there to monitor them secretly, you can get what is going on around you. Best to install at home, at the office.

  • Security cameras with an alarm system

With sound or motion detection, you can install the feature of the alarm system. Here anything suspicious happens and the very ne